New Parents' Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

New Parents' Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

There's no other feeling in the world that compares to the emotions felt when you're expecting your first child. Those nine months of pregnancy are a whirlwind filled with excitement, nervousness, and just about every other overwhelming emotion possible. There are always so many questions that come to mind when preparing for your first child — how many onesies do they needor how quickly will they outgrow their babywear?Here's a guide to assist new parents in purchasing newborn baby clothes so you can feel good when preparing for your little bundle of joy: 

How To Prepare For Your Babies Growth

It's hard to prepare for your baby's growth rate because it's somewhat unpredictable. We recommend that you buy newborn clothes for when they're firstborn, but you should focus on purchasing clothes between the 0-3 month size range. Some babies come out of the womb having already outgrown newborn clothes, so it's essential you have basic baby grows in the 0-3 month range. 

Here's a helpful tip: not all baby clothes are made the same. So, make sure you get a few items in each category to ensure you're prepared for your baby's first year. It certainly doesn't hurt to be fully prepared for each stage of their first year!

Focus on the Basics First

While it can be exciting to buy cute clothes for your incoming baby, the best thing to do is make sure that you have all of the fundamentals before adding the fun accessories. Here's our recommended list of basics: 

  • Seven daytime outfits (one for each day of the week)
  • Seven pairs of socks 
  • Three to four bibs
  • Seven sleepwear garments (including two sleep gowns)
  • Two swaddles and two sleep bags 

We all know that the UK can get a bit chilly, so we also recommend including two jackets, two hats, and two sweaters.

Neutral Clothes are Necessary 

New parents can easily get caught up in finding adorable baby girl clothes or baby boy clothes after finding out the gender of the baby. Still, it's important to remember that neutral garments are essential to every newborn's closet. Newborns grow out of their clothes rather quickly, so most new parents save the neutral clothes if they plan to have another child in the future. Neutral clothing will save you time and money because you can use these pieces again — no matter the gender of your future child!

Properly Caring For Their Clothes  

Babies have the softest (and most sensitive) skin, so please make sure you choose fabrics that won't irritate their skin. Cotton is considered the go-to fabric for babies because it's very breathable. Fleece is another great option for babies who will need to endure cold temperatures. 

We recommend that you wash your baby's clothes before placing them inside. While this is a precautionary step, it's 'better to be safe than sorry' as your baby could experience skin irritation or rashes if the clothes aren't washed beforehand. 

Unscented detergent is the safest type of detergent to use on your newborn's clothes. Detergents that are scented include more chemicals — and the fewer chemicals that your baby is exposed to, the better. 

We're Here for You 

We understand that preparing for parenthood is an overwhelming process. Our babygrow is a color-neutral garment that will put your nerves at ease because it will make your life easier when the baby finally comes. 

Our certified cotton fabric makes for a breathable baby grow that your baby will love, but you may love their ensemble even more.We designed our baby grow to put all of your worries aside: there are no zippers or fasteners to avoid skin irritation, and it's an effortless process to change them when needed. We strive to make your time with your baby a little sweeter — spend less time changing them and more time cuddling them with our soft baby grow.

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